11 Ways to Completely Revamp Your keto net carbs or total carbs

With the diabetic diet, carb counting is an essential skill we all develop. Many fitness enthusiasts also count carbs for their own reasons as well. With us diabetics, though, it is a matter of great importance. If you do not know what carb counting is, or you just want to learn how to do it properly, I suggest you read the rest of this article!

The first thing you need to do for counting carbs is to learn how to read labels on food. Just look at the label where it says,"nutrition information" and has all the numbers. You will see there something that says "carbohydrates" with a number next to it. This is the amount of carbs per serving. The serving amount differs from product to product, so it helps especially for newbies to have a food scale.


You also need to pay attention to the amount of fiber on the label. This is important keto net carbs or total carbs because the fiber count is subtracted from the carb count to arrive at the total carbs per serving. For example, the bread I like has 16 carbs per slice, but each slice contains six grams of fiber. So the total carbs for that slice of bread is only 10 net carbs. Another example is one of my favorite snacks. Wasabi and soy sauce almonds (yum.) Now these little guys have 8 grams of carbs per serving, and the serving size is a little bag. Also the fiber is four grams per serving which makes the net carbs only four grams. You see how this works?


It is easy to count carbs when your food has a label. Things get tricky when you go out to eat. This is where experience and education come into play. Some restaurants have the nutrition information on their websites and you can do some research before you go out. Others do not. If you read up on it, you will get a good idea on the different carb counts in the different foods in restaurants. I have learned some of my own rules of thumb when eating out.


I love eating Mexican food, but carbs are lurking everywhere in this food. My rule is this, Eat some chips and salsa, or eat a couple tacos, but not both. This is because tortillas have at least 15 or so carbs in them each, and chips can add up fast in the carb count. It is OK for one or the other, but for me, both is too much!

In Italian restaurants, eat some spaghetti as a side, but not the main course. Eat half of the garlic bread appetizer, but resist the temptation to eat it all (packed with carbs.)

Those are just a couple of my rules of thumb have kept me out of trouble and allowed me to go out to eat without feeling like I missed out on everything. Counting carbs in the diabetic diet is an acquired skill that every diabetic must master if they are to be successful in meeting their diabetic health goals. I hope this article at least gives you an idea of where to start your carb counting education.

You may need to make a low carb diet food list, there are lots of delicious as well as nice foods for low carb diets that you can add. Eating the food that you prefer can make your weight loss fun and delightful. Although, you should be certain that your list of foods should contain a variety of food that can assist you to reach your purpose in the diet you are sticking to.

Chicken is certainly the top choice of food for a lower carb diet, as it is particularly low in carbohydrates and also low in calories. It is certainly a good option to add to your low carb diet food list. Fish is also savoury and makes ideal diet food, as the majority of fish fillets have about twenty-two grams of protein for three 1/2 oz.

When making your low carb diet food list, first of all you have to select kinds of meal that you would like to eat whilst you are on your diet. But, there are hundreds of the diet foods that you can choose but these are some wonderful concepts that you may want to know.


One thing to avoid is unprocessed and non manufactured food, as recommended by the Atkins diet. However this has been that causes to weight reduction and health transformations. For optimum health it's best to eat purely natural and fresh food.

To understand this better and to completely get the lower carb food labels, you must know the total carb content of the food you are consuming. Total carb content is derived from subtracting the amount of fiber and sugar from the total carbs. This is because many of the low carb food manufacturers state that fiber, while in technical terms a carbohydrate, is not absorbed by the body, and therefore must not be measured as carbohydrate. Consider this fact when creating your low carb diet food list.